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Goal 2 Go position-specific training, we work year-round to build, learn and understand the game of football at an entirely new level.

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Our scholastic training consists of four programs that offer the foundation for speed, strength, and athleticism. Each program caters to a different age group, yet they all build character and are driven by core values.

Our scholastic programs include:

  • Rookie: This program is designed for boys and girls ages 7-11 and creates the foundation for coordination and athleticism.
  • Developmental: Designed for ages 12-14, this curriculum incorporates more athletic movements and begins to emphasize power and speed as well as age-appropriate weight-lifting.
  • Prep: This Goal 2 Go  program is for ages 15-18, develops power, speed, strength and athleticism, and is similar to a Division 1 collegiate program.
  • Overtime: Suited for student-athletes with specific goals, this curriculum is sport- and position-specific and provides semi-private coaching and training.

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Goal 2 Go has a proven track record of success in teaching and training players. Our coaches work together with you to achieve one thing—reaching your goal, on the field and off.


We set out to build a different kind of sports community and to serve the next generation of players.


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